Client Experiences/Testimonials

What Clients Say about Susan's Transition Services

"Selling a dental practice is not an easy or quick venture; don’t try this one on your own.  I would highly recommend Susan as a practice broker, because she is honest, knowledgeable and can keep all the details together.  Susan is also very attentive, returning calls and e-mails promptly. In the past I have had very bad experiences with other practice brokers.  I can honestly say that my experience with Susan was completely different.   She is a person with honesty and integrity and I enjoyed working with her." 

                   ...Gregory B. Grossman, DDS

 "After 33 years of practicing orthodontics, I successfully sold my practice and am in the process of transition.  I would like to take this opportunity to give kudos to Susan Spear (SAS Transitions, Inc) for the excellent work she did in helping me with my transition.  At all steps along the way, she was very professional and enlightening about the process.  She worked with my staff even before I had found the right person, to assure them of the benefits and value for them in supporting me in my decision to transition.   She is carefully tactful, but honest, in the way she answers questions the staff had regarding transition.  Her knowledge of transition from all parties’ perspectives; the seller, the buyer and the employee is amazing and very much appreciated by all involved.  She was very supportive to me during the time before closing, answering questions and genuinely counseling me on the appropriate way to view each step of the transition.  Her communication with the potential buyer was very respectful as well as educational.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering a transition.  She knows how to get the job done, in a very caring and professional manner. 
                          ...Thomas L Munholland, DDS

 “Susan assisted in the sale of one of my dental practices.  She found a buyer, negotiated the sale, and supported me and my staff through the entire process.  The whole thing went smoothly and I was extremely satisfied with the job she did. I would highly recommend her as a practice broker and will use her services again when I sell my other practice.”

…Mitch Friedman, D.D.S.

“Thank you so much for introducing us to this great practice. We are so happy to be here and we know we could not have made it to this point without all of your help. Thank you for being patient with our lender and the landlord! We have had lots of dentists asking who helped us with this transition so we have been able to tell them how organized and thorough you are, but most importantly what a great person you are. We also tell them we now consider you a great friend.

…Drs. Amy and Heath Copeland, Copeland Family Dental

“Susan, thank you so much for all of your help over the past year. We have very much appreciated your support and advice. We are so excited about the partnership! We love working with you and will highly recommend you to anyone!

...Drs. Crystal Walker and Mariah Frazier, Children’s Dental Professionals

“Susan worked with me when I needed to sell my late husband’s dental practice and office condominium space.  Susan is a delight to work with as she is very professional, very knowledgeable, has a great personality and I could not have been more pleased.  We started with an evaluation plan for selling which included a thorough assessment from patient base, accounting, equipment, the office condominium space to ideas which helped with marketing the practice. Susan worked very hard and put in a lot of hours and came up with a fair purchase price for both me and the potential buyer.  Once the practice was for sale Susan made every effort to market the practice to all potential buyers and it did not take long for a sale.  I could not have been more pleased having had Susan as my broker as she met all expectations and then some.”
…Betty Stranahan (on behalf of Dr. Patrick Stranahan)

“After 40+ years in dental practice, it was a hard decision to transition my practice. I met Susan at the Rocky Mountain Dental Conference, attended her seminar and choose her to sell my practice. She was professional, organized and extremely knowledgeable. She found a great buyer who practiced a lot like me. She helped me and my wife who was my office manager get through all of the details of a sale. I am retired now and enjoying my freedom!”

…Dr. Louis Spicciati

“Susan Spear masterfully engineered the sale of my dental practice and my entry into the world of part time dentistry as an independent contractor. Her counseling and coaching assured both of us that I was ready for the change. A consummate, caring professional with incredible standards barely begins to sum up the qualifications of this one-of-a-kind dental practice broker. The proper choice of a broker is critical and Susan is a choice you would never regret.”

…Dr. Gary Blumenschein

“Susan Spear and SAS Transitions allowed me to find a positive and rewarding ending to my 40 years of clinical dentistry.  With her help and insight, I have attained my goals that I have worked so hard to achieve. Susan's innovation, compassion and caring for me, the new dentist, the staff, and my patients made my transition a win-win situation for all and easy sailing.”

…Dr. Roger Boltz 

“Thank you Susan for your help during my Associate Buy-out Transition. You did a great job matching us up and guiding us all the way through! I couldn’t be happier!

…Dr. Scott Williams (Associate and new owner!)

“I have so appreciated your help with mine and Scott’s Associate Buy-out process. Your help with my planning process, team support, finding the “right” person, transition marketing, communication between all of us, development of transition documents and the sales process, took us to our closing January 3rd! Thanks for everything Susan!

...Dr. Rok Kron