Welcome to SAS Transitions! We Sell Without Selling Out!

SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers is a national brokerage service company specializing in Dental Practice Sales, Buyer Representation, Associate Placement for Buy-Outs, Buy-Ins, Part-Time and Temporary Dentists (Locum Tenens) Support!  We work across the United States in helping dentists realize the best transition options for their practice needs.

We can assist you with all aspects of your transition process – from the initial planning process to closing the deal!

Transition Service Areas:

SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers
P: 303-973-2147
F: 303-973-1710

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Hire Me as Your Broker You Can Trust!

Dear Doctor,
I welcome the opportunity to be your choice as your Business Broker and Practice Transition Specialist! You will feel as if you are my only client because of the attention, communication and support I will provide to you while helping you sell or buy your dental practice. I have the experience, education, credentials and understanding of the dental marketplace that cannot be matched! – Susan A. Spear

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