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The time has never been better than NOW to find that right buyer for your Dental Practice?  Don't leave one of the biggest decisions in your lifetime up to chance! There are private buyers, great clinicians and wonderful dentists just hoping for a practice like yours!   Call us today!   303-973-2147

SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers
is a national brokerage service company with over 27 years experience specializing in Dental Practice Sales, Buyer Representation, Associate Placement for Buy-Outs, and Buy-Ins! 

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SAS Dental Practice Brokers is a Licensed Brokerage Firm in Colorado with a Fiduciary Responsibility to our clients which we take very seriously.  Colorado requires that all persons "negotiating or attempting or offering to negotiate the listing, sale, purchase, exchange, or lease of a business or business opportunity or the goodwill thereof or any interest therein when the act or transaction involves, directly or indirectly, any change in the ownership or interest in real estate, or in a leasehold (lease) interest or estate, or in a business or business opportunity that owns an interest in real estate or in a leasehold" be licensed with Colorado Real Estate Commission. 

What, exactly, does fiduciary really mean?

The term fiduciary derives from the Latin fiduciary, meaning "trust" and it means that a person acting as a fiduciary for you has a legal or moral obligation to put your needs and interests before any needs or interests of themselves. Individuals with fiduciary responsibility are legally obligated to act in their clients' best interests instead of their own.

We can assist you with all aspects of your transition process – from the initial planning process to closing the deal!

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I welcome the opportunity to be your choice as your Business Broker and Practice Transition Specialist! You will feel as if you are my only client because of the attention, communication and support I will provide to you while helping you sell or buy your dental practice. I have the experience, education, credentials and understanding of the dental marketplace that cannot be matched! – Susan A. Spear
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