Client Experiences/Testimonials


What Clients Say about SAS Transitions! 

I would highly recommend Susan Spear and SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers. Susan handled the sale of my dental practice as well as the sale of my practice condominium. She was referred to me by my financial advisor, Sharkey, Howes and Javer, and I could tell immediately I had made the right decision.

Susan exhibits the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed and she always makes sure the transition process runs as smoothly as possible. But most importantly, she is down to earth; easy to talk with; resolves any issue that may arise in a timely manner; is always available by email, text and/or phone; and goes well beyond what is expected of her. This is the best decision concerning my dental practice transition I could have made! Susan, thanks for making it possible!
-Ken Andow, DDS

Thank you for your expertise and diligent hard work on the sale of the practice. We believe everything happens for a reason and that this sale at this time was meant to be. You are one of the finest professionals we have ever dealt with and truly appreciate you!
-James Deschene, DDS and Denise Deschene

Kudos to Susan Spear for her handling of the sale of my dental practice. She was recommended to us by our financial planners - Sharkey, Howes and Javer. Since they work with many Colorado dentists, they knew her reputation and work history well with mutual clients. We came to realize early on this was a welcome referral. Susan is an experienced professional who is accessible and is personally hands-on with all aspects of a dental sale. We sold our practice during the pandemic and she was able to navigate all the new and exceptional considerations the Covid landscape presented like she had done it all before. Without equivocation, I can endorse SAS Transitions and Susan Spear as a dental broker who can orchestrate the sale of your practice with competence and attention to detail.
- Bruce Baldwin DDS

Susan Spear was a true blessing to us as we made the transition from owning a dental practice in the middle of Covid and the PPP Loan Forgiveness! She was there for every email, text or phone call. When things got "messy" she was there to walk us through it and to keep us moving forward. She is sincere in her commitment to her client(s) in all aspects. Her professionalism is remarkable throughout the process ... She truly believes there is a buyer for every practice and will help you find the right one. We are truly blessed to have the Closing behind us! Many thanks Susan.
- PJ Baldwin RDH

"Susan Spear really differentiated herself from her peers when I started conversing with her.  Over the years, her mannerism was she so kind and relaxed compared to other brokers. She took time to answer my questions in her perpetually calm and hopeful manner.  When I finally asked her up to Fort Collins for a consult, she was able to help me discover I wasn’t ready for an associate at that time.  A year later I was, and Susan was right there to help me in vetting and considering an associate.  Then, when we found the “right” person, she helped me again talk through various scenarios that in retrospect amounted to my cold feet!  The emotional connection I have to my practice came to the forefront, and Susan was ready to help me there too with her invaluable experience and empathy. When we were working out a contract, Susan customized the documents and met with both the associate and I together and separately to really tease out our intentions and fears.  The associate had an immediate bond with Susan, and that trust that made the process of negotiating terms and ultimately signing a contract with buy-in option very smooth.  I know I was lucky in finding Susan, but six months into the associate contract, it has never felt like luck.  It’s more like Susan’s plan for us is working seamlessly. How many owners do you know who have said that?  Susan Spear is the real deal for your dental practice transition needs, you have my word on that." 
- Greg Evans DDS, Fort Collins

"Susan Spear earned our deepest respect and gratitude for her tremendous wisdom and talent in being the driving force throughout our most difficult time. The sudden and unexpected death of the Dentist and Practice Owner, Ronald L. Morse DDS, created an urgent need to transition a thriving dental practice that my husband loved so much. Nine months prior to his passing, my husband had already relied on Susan Spear’s discerning  selection of the best candidate to be his trusted Associate Dentist.  Susan Spear understood the particular needs and values of Dr. Morse and his practice, and she selected an outstanding Associate Dentist. Susan made a daily effort to spare us, Dr. Morse’s grieving widow and daughter, of any additional stress and obstacles during the process.  She orchestrated the entire practice transition to the Associate Dentist seamlessly with a genuine respect for everyone involved.  There aren't words to describe our love and respect for Susan's character, knowledge, and drive. She is a powerhouse Dental Practice Broker and negotiator with upmost class and integrity.  We highly recommend her transition services to any Dentist looking for an Associate Dentist and/or also wanting to sell a dental practice."
-Jeanie Morse and daughter, Ashley Morse 

"Susan, you told me it usually takes six months to a year to sell a general dentistry practice.  You sold mine in two weeks and although I love dentistry, I am ready to retire and spend my time doing other things!  I have never worked with anyone who did as much as you have done during the sale and transition of my practice.  You exceeded my expectations and I believe you worked over and above what was required of your time. Your communication was exceptional, answering questions, managing processes and keeping me informed.  You handled each aspect of the sale effectively and efficiently.  I consider you a true professional.  Let me tell you that you are worth every penny you earn!  Thank you for making this happen."
- Dr. Paul Wagenaar

"Susan, thank you for helping me with my practice transition.  You were always there to answer questions, but also to just listen.  I loved my practice, patients and staff.  Letting go wasn't easy for me, but you helped me stay on track to achieve our dreams! Denise says thank you too!"
- Dr.  Patrick Sweeney
" Thank you for all you did to transition my practice!  I am so pleased to be moving on to the next chapter in my life.  It was a pleasure working with you! I have lots of dentist friends who will be transitioning soon and I look forward to referring you to them!" 
- Dr. Marianne Yancey

"Our transition was smooth, professional, supportive and worked like clockwork.  We appreciated the support you provided for all of us!  I was so happy with the associate buy-out process and am happy to recommend you to all of my colleagues!" 
Dr. Mark Smith

"Susan, thank you so much for your help with easing the transition! I really enjoyed working with you!" 
- Dr. Jackie Richmond

"Thank you for making the dream happen! It was a pleasure working with you.  You were helpful and professional and I so appreciated all of your hard work!"
- Dr. Dan Hansen

"Susan, words do not explain how grateful I am to have your help in selling my practice.  I felt 100% taken care of and appreciated your expertise and kindness. I'm so happy you were my broker!" All my best." Cheers!
- Dr. Laura Schwindt.

"Dear Susan, Thank you. I am so pleased with the sale of the practice. You've been incredible through the process not only to help with the technical aspects but also in helping to keep my spirits high.  Selling a dental practice is very emotional on many levels and I felt your commitment to help make it happen, made a difference. Thank you!"
- Peggy Culbertson Swanson, D.D.S. 

 "Susan, we just could not have done this without you!  Your knowledge, attention to detail, caring, time commitment and overall skill in what you do, was invaluable with the sale of our practice.  We have a great dentist to take over for us and have a happy retirement planned!  Thank you for all that you did for us! WE would highly recommend Susan Spear and SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers."
- George and Robin Beilby!  

"Wow!  I can't believe that we found the dentist of our dreams in 45 days! Losing our wonderful dentist of so many years, my father and friend to all, was overwhelming on so many levels.  But, he knew you would guide us forward and take care of our needs better than anyone else.  You are a delight to work with and have made this easy for me.  From the Swartzwelter Clan, Thank you!"
Laura "Swartzwelter" Tienken,  

"Well you did it again!  The sale of my second practice has gone so smoothly and we all appreciate what you have helped us accomplish.  My investment in your services was worth every minute and dime! You are the best and I am proud of my choice to work with you.  I have a great new owner who will do very well in my practice.  That was important to me.  I also appreciate that you always took the time to talk with me when I was anxious or needed clarity on how to proceed forward. You cared for me, the new owner dentist and my team.  I will be referring you to a lot of my friends!"
- Mitchell Friedman, D.D.S. 

"Susan Spear of SAS Transitions provided my wife and me with guidance and pre-retirement planning in preparation for the sale of my practice.  She was supportive of my concerns as the seller to find the "right" match for my practice. She worked incredibly hard and left no stone unturned and successfully found a qualified buyer. Susan was instrumental in creating a smooth transition, not only for the dentist but also for the staff. I would highly recommend Susan and SAS Transitions and will always be grateful for the outstanding professionalism and assistance above and beyond my expectations!"
-Andrew Bland, D.D.S. 

"The guidance we received because of Susan's patience, persistence and knowledge of the dental field was invaluable and made for a very smooth transitions selling our dental practice.  There are always issues that arise when selling a dental practice but Susan had the solutions and was able to keep the ball rolling throughout the entire process.  She was able to find a buyer and help us complete the process in a very timely manner.  WE could not have done it without her.  I would highly recommend Susan and SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers without hesitation!"
Tom Tritsch, D.D.S.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful job on my practice transition.  SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers is simply the BEST!"
 Tim Swartz, D.D.S.

"I am so excited to have worked with you on purchasing a practice and now selling mine. You couldn't have found a better dentist to take over my practice.  You have done so many wonderful things for my life, family and career!"
Michael Kevlyn, D.D.S.

"Susan, we have been enjoying retirement! We can't imagine how we would have gotten through this without you. You made our sale run so smoothly!"
- Dr. Tom and Sandi Allen

"Well Susan, this has been quite the journey! You have led the way for us through thick and thin. You did an incredible job with selling my practice.  We are very grateful."
- Dr. Earl and Vickie Leher

"Thank you so much for making dreams come true! We couldn't have done it without you."
- Ellen Zanchelli, R.D.H.,B.S. Owner Independent Dental Hygiene Practice

“Susan, thank you so much for all of your help over the past year. We have very much appreciated your support and advice. We are so excited about the partnership! We love working with you and will highly recommend you to anyone!”
Drs. Crystal Walker and Mariah Frazier, Children’s Dental Professionals

" I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, patience, and persistence in managing the process to this point of success.  While i know lots of work lays ahead, it's important to celebrate and acknowledge successful milestones.  It's impossible to imagine having gotten this here without your valuable and varied contributions.  I wanted to express my thanks to you for all of your hard work!"
- Richard Hurley, Buyer Advisor

“Thank you so much for introducing us to this great practice. We are so happy to be here, and we know we could not have made it to this point without all of your help. Thank you for being patient with our lender and the landlord! We have had lots of dentists asking who helped us with this transition so we have been able to tell them how organized and thorough you are, but most importantly, what a great person you are. We also tell them we now consider you a great friend.”
– Drs. Amy and Heath Copeland, Copeland Family Dental

"Selling a dental practice is not an easy or quick venture; don’t try this one on your own. I would highly recommend Susan as a practice broker because she is honest, knowledgeable and can keep all the details together. Susan is also very attentive, returning calls and e-mails promptly. In the past, I have had very bad experiences with other practice brokers. I can honestly say that my experience with Susan was completely different. She is a person with honesty and integrity, and I enjoyed working with her."
– Gregory B. Grossman, D.D.S.

“Susan assisted in the sale of one of my dental practices. She found a buyer, negotiated the sale, and supported me and my staff through the entire process. The whole thing went smoothly, and I was extremely satisfied with the job she did. I would highly recommend her as a practice broker and will use her services again when I sell my other practice.”
– Mitch Friedman, D.D.S.

“Susan worked with me when I needed to sell my late husband’s dental practice and office condominium space. Susan is a delight to work with as she is very professional, very knowledgeable, has a great personality, and I could not have been more pleased. We started with an evaluation plan for selling, which included a thorough assessment from patient base, accounting, equipment, the office condominium space to ideas which helped with marketing the practice. Susan worked very hard, put in a lot of hours and came up with a fair purchase price for both me and the potential buyer. Once the practice was for sale, Susan made every effort to market the practice to all potential buyers, and it did not take long for a sale. I could not have been more pleased having had Susan as my broker as she met all expectations and then some.”
Betty Stranahan (on behalf of Dr. Patrick Stranahan)

“Susan Spear masterfully engineered the sale of my dental practice, and my entry into the world of part-time dentistry as an independent contractor. Her counseling and coaching assured both of us that I was ready for the change. A consummate, caring professional with incredible standards barely begins to sum up the qualifications of this one-of-a-kind dental practice broker. The proper choice of a broker is critical, and Susan is a choice you would never regret.”
Dr. Gary Blumenschein

After 33 years of practicing orthodontics, I successfully sold my practice and am in the process of transition. I would like to take this opportunity to give kudos to Susan Spear (SAS Transitions, Inc.) for the excellent work she did in helping me with my transition. At all steps along the way, she was very professional and enlightening about the process. She worked with my staff, even before I had found the right person, to assure them of the benefits and value for them in supporting me in my decision to transition. She is carefully tactful, but honest, in the way she answers questions the staff had regarding transition. Her knowledge of transition from all parties’ perspectives, the seller, the buyer and the employee, is amazing and very much appreciated by all involved. She was very supportive to me during the time before closing, answering questions and genuinely counseling me on the appropriate way to view each step of the transition. Her communication with the potential buyer was very respectful as well as educational. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering a transition. She knows how to get the job done in a very caring and professional manner.”
– Thomas L Munholland, D.D.S.