Transition Services


SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers is a “relationship based” company. Dental Practice Transitions are complex. At SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers, we believe that all transition decisions should be determined based on the personal and professional values of the dentist or dentists considering a change in structure or ownership.

Understanding your options for selling your business is paramount in finding the best process for you, your family, your staff and your patients!  SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers  and Susan Spear will guide you through a Transition Planning Process that addresses your vision, answers the “what if” questions, and helps you feel confident and secure about your transition decisions going forward.

Transition Service Areas:

  • Helping You Design Your Personal Transition Plan for Your Future!
  • Selling Your Practice When the Time is Right!
  • Helping You Buy a Practice, Whether Your First or One of Many!
  • Selling Through Associate Buy-Out – Associateship Leading to Full Ownership!
  • Associate Buy-In – Associateship Leading to Partnership Ownership!
  • Associate Placement With the "Right Dentist" to Fit Your Unique Practice!
  • Opinions of Value/Appraisals for Selling or Buying a Dental Practice!
  • Transitioning Your Dental Team Into a Positive, Productive and Supportive Practice Resource!

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