Hire Associates and Temporary Dentists


Associate Dentists for Hire!


Not all dentists want to sell all or a portion of their practice for many years to come.  However, they often find that a part-time or full time Dentist Associate is needed to help support their practice.

At SAS Transitions, we can find, place and help you manage the Dentist Associate process to create a perfect fit for your team.  We have the knowledge, resources and expertise to match what you want with what the Associate is looking for as well.

We take the guess work out of how to find good quality Associates with the skills, personality and work ethic you so strongly desire.  Call us to share your story and let us help you avoid the problems with hiring the wrong person!

Temporary Dentists (Locum Tenens)!

Maternity Leave? Medical Leave of Absence? Disability (part-time or long term)? Need Time Off? Or facing a tragedy in your practice without a solution?  Our Temporary Dentist Placement services provide the best dentistry has to offer!  Our dentists are seasoned communicators, excellent clinicians and can provide the support you need without the fear or worry.  Our dentists have owned and managed their own practices and know how to make your time away from the practice a confident experience! Call us today! 303-973-2147 or email us at [email protected] 


Are You Wanting to Become an Associate Dentist for Hire or a Temporary Dentist?

Call us today at 303-973-2147 or email us at [email protected]  This is a great opportunity to be more than just an employee.  Our Locum Tenens Dentists are those dentists who have often sold their practices but still love treating patients and helping others.  We design your schedule around you and support the needs of other dentists during their times away from the office.