Choose a Broker You Can Trust!

Choose a Broker You Can Trust!
Posted on 06/23/2021

1. Experienced, Educated and Ethical:

SAS Transitions, Inc, Dental Practice Brokers, Owner/Broker Susan A. Spear has over 45 years experience in dentistry with 26 of those years dedicated to dental practice transitions. Susan has been involved in hundreds of successful transitions throughout Colorado and the United States. She is not just an opportunist who thought dentistry would be a good place to pretend to be an expert. Her years of education, knowledge and experience set her apart. She knows how to transfer the ownership of your business SUCCESSFULLY THE FIRST TIME!

2. Honest, Trustworthy and Accountable:

Are you tired of brokers or transition consultants who don’t return your phone calls, pass you on to someone else, or who simply make you feel like you are being pushed into selling when you are not ready?

Susan and her team have a long-time professional reputation in dentistry throughout Colorado and the United States where ethics and honesty have always been in the forefront of our service! We treat all parties in a practice transition with respect and attention. Whether dealing with a Seller, Buyer, Associate or Team Member, we are responsive by returning phone calls, returning emails or texts, meeting in person, and making others feel important!

3. Hard Work and Attention:

The best in the business! Susan Spear works harder than any other broker in the industry. Likewise, her team is not built to work “on the clock” but rather they are responsive and accountable when client’s need their help! Susan and her team share their wisdom, experience and knowledge with everyone they encounter. When representing a client, we respond to every inquiry and make the deal happen! It doesn’t matter the size of the practice or transaction situation, we treat every client like they are the only client we are working with!

4. Educated Broker and Licensed Brokerage in Colorado:

Susan Spear and her brokerage firm are Licensed, Certified and Insured! We follow the laws that govern business sales in Colorado and every state we work in to protect your interests. Would your patients engage a dentist who wasn’t duly licensed? At SAS Dental Practice Brokers we don’t make up our own set of rules or guidelines. We take business brokering very seriously. We know how to profile and value your business based on industry standards and principles to get the best and highest value possible. We don’t just use guess work! Your Confidentiality is paramount in everything we do. We protect you, your equity in your business, your staff and your patients!

5. Longevity:

Susan Spear and her team have been assisting dentists by providing counsel and support since the 1980’s! Her passion for dental transitions began in 1995 working for several dental practice transition and sales groups. In 2001, she opened her own transition business and brokerage. At SAS Dental Practice Brokers, we know how to sell, help you buy, bring in an associate or create lasting partnerships! You benefit from real years of experience! We are your answer. Hire us! You won’t be disappointed



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