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Don’t go it alone when you can have SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers in your corner!

Why Hire SAS as Your Business Broker/Intermediary to Sell Your Practice?

v-smile7SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers is a licensed and registered brokerage firm you can trust! If selling or buying a business in Colorado, Colorado Law requires that anyone representing the sale of a business or anyone representing a buyer purchasing a business, must be licensed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC). Using unlicensed persons to sell your business or working with unlicensed persons to help you purchase a business, puts you at risk of misrepresentation and many other legal issues which could mean the failure of your transaction. 

Our approach to dental practice sales is unique. We help you decide the “best” option for you to sell your practice, listen to your needs and wants to help guide you to a successful outcome. We care for both sides of the transaction and focus our energies toward being a “deal maker” not a “deal breaker.” Whether you have a general or dental specialty practice to sell, we have the experience in dentistry to understand all aspects of your business. You experience a practice sale that leaves you feeling secure, confident and reassured that you have made the right decision!

We provide a complete Profile of Your Practice, which includes a Letter of Opinion of Value/Probable Selling Price which applies standardized methods to represent a sound sellable purchase price. This presents not only the financial aspect of your business, but shares important statistical information that gives each prospective buyer an honest and documented sales price/value presentation.

We will be your personal broker and are there every step of the way to help you navigate through the complexities of selling your business. We help with staff communications, patient communications, support your advisors (attorneys, CPAs, lenders, insurance specialists, venders, management consultants and others), and make the entire process attainable. Read our Client Experiences and Testimonials to see what others think about the services provided by SAS Transitions Dental Practice Brokers.

Why Hire SAS to Help You Buy Your Dental Practice?

There are so many nuances to purchasing a dental practice that navigating through the process can be overwhelming for most buyers. Simply understanding the documents that are presented by sellers or other brokers can be a daunting task. We help you make sense of this information and can help you determine if a practice opportunity is right for you. We recognize that this may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. We will always return your phone call and/or e-mail-text communication and share information in a way that makes sense.

As your buyer’s agent, our support includes helping you communicate your needs to the owner who is selling his or her practice or to another broker representing the seller. Even after your purchase, we are there for you as a trusted friend and adviser. We help address common transitional issues that help to keep you on the right track.

Call us at 303-973-2147 or e-mail us at [email protected] to ask about buyer agency and post-sale support services!